Centro de Hidroterapia y Salud de Guía de Isora

Centro de Hidroterapia y Salud de Guía de Isora

Plaza de Garachico, s/n

38680 Guía de Isora

Telf.: 922 850 086

Email: recepcionpiscinaguia@live.com

Web: www.guiadeisora.com

The complex has therapeutic activities for the disabled as well as swimming
AStreet walking tour by Leopoldo de la Rosa Olivera
PParking by Alberto de Armas Avenue
PMain access
AInterior corridor
PFamily Costume accessible. Floor 0
AMain pool. Floor 0
ICostume collective accessible. Floor 0
ATerapeutical pool. Floor 0
IZona Hidroterapia. Planta -2
PCafeteria. Floor 1
PAnd cardio fitness. Floor -1
IIndoor Cycling- Floor -1
AMartial Arts Hall. Floor -1
AAerobic Room. Floor -2

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Last modified: 14-09-2016
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